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Economic Development

Eversource is committed to supporting the economic growth of our communities and our customers - supporting initiatives at the regional, state and local levels. 

In addition to focused economic development projects, Eversource's work each day in the communities we serve also greatly impacts our local economies. 

This includes the hundreds of millions of dollars we invest in our energy delivery infrastructure, the employment of more than 8,000 employees across New England, micro-grants for local economic and community development initiatives, the development of cost-efficiency renewable energy projects such as Bay State Wind and the implementation of our award-winning energy efficiency programs.

“Successful economic development is about working to provide businesses with the resources they need to be competitive, fostering the education and growth of our workforce, and reducing the cost of doing business – all while being a good partner to communities and the environment.

I am happy to say that Eversource continues to set the bar high, with a constant focus on developing Western Massachusetts and helping other communities and businesses thrive.”

- Rick Sullivan
Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts

We are also proud to be recognized as one of the greenest energy companies in the nation. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and clean energy initiatives is an important component of our vision for how we conduct our business today and for future generations.

Other economic development activities include:

  • Expansion of our natural gas infrastructure in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
  • Investments in community initiatives and historic preservation through tax credit purchases.
  • Assisting with new business service connections and utility infrastructure upgrades to support new businesses.
  • Participating as a member of local business organizations, associations, economic development groups, Chambers of Commerce and other community meetings.

Eversource employees and their families at the Eversource Walk for Boston Children's Hospital.

Contact Us

Eversource has an Economic Development Resource Team available to answer any questions you may have in each of the three states we serve.

Lissette Andino | 860-665-3073
Cathy Lezon | 203-245-5405
Hedy Ayers | 860-496-5208

Melissa Hancock | 413-585-1724
Michael Vedovelli | 413-797-9431

New Hampshire
Allison McLean | 603-634-3743
Will Craig | 603-540-5142