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Transmission Interconnection

These guidelines are intended to provide to developers of new generation facilities (Interconnecting Customers – ICs) clear and consistent guidance for the planning and design of transmission interconnections.

The Independent System Operator - New England (ISO-NE) document titled "General Transmission System Design Requirements for the Interconnection of New Generators (Resources) to the Administered Transmission System" provides certain requirements, particularly for plants interconnected to Pool Transmission Facility (PTF) transmission facilities.

The following guidelines are intended to assist the ICs in planning for interconnections to both PTF and non-PTF facilities. The guideline contains “shall” and “must” statements that generally reflect good utility practice, including compliance with NU policy and procedures.

Where ICs make a request to depart from any guideline provision, NU will consider and render a decision based on the specifics of the interconnection proposal, ISO-NE, LGIP, LGIA requirements, potential Distribution system benefits and good utility practice.

ISO-NE Proposed Plan Application (PPA) Process

Interconnecting Customers (ICs) who interconnect their generator to the NU transmission system (greater than 69-kV) will need to contact ISO-New England.

Interconnecting Customers (ICs) who interconnect their generator to a distribution voltage (less than 69-kV) in the Eversource service area through the ISO-NE PPA application process can review the information on the ISO-New England site.

This document will explain what you need to know about the PPA application process. Generators connecting to the NU distribution system are included in the PPA process because the energy from these sources may impact the flow of the transmission system.

These procedures outline the requirements and application forms to be submitted and reviewed by ISO-New England. The attached document incorporates these ISO-NE requirements. 

View the most recent PPA Tutorial.